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Let's Ride
The first trip of the year was in Febuary, when Connie and I drove her Expedition to Medicine Hat, Alberta for the Women in the Wind General Membership meeting.
Then we made several trips to Great Falls, about once a month, working with The Ladies PAS Rally Planning Committee.
The first bike ride/trip was an Ingomar Trip in May, we did it again in over Memorial Day Weekend.

June 3, 4, 5, 2005
Can Mont Food Fest
Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

Connie Young on her trike and I on the FatBoy
935 miles.
 Cindy and Connie in front of the Irvine General Store, Irvine, Alberta, which is owned and operated by Karen and Mike Hamerton, taken on June 3 around 3:30 pm.  We had riden in rain and cold most of the day.  We were sure glad we made it to Irvine early enough to see Karen before she headed to Calgary for the races.
June 10, 11, 12
Helena ABATE Spring Opener
Townsend, MT
Brentley and I,  trailered
the Pan Head and the VRod
Pan Head took first Place in the Show and Shine.

On June 17, we rode from Thermopolis, WY to Casper for the starting of the Chick's Run.  The picture below was taken in the Wind River Canyon while Annette was learning how to set her automatic timer on her camera.  From left to right, Annette G, Terry H, Olivia M, Brenda C, Sally S, Connie Y, and myself.
June 16, 17, 18, 19
Chick's Run
Casper, WY
Connie, Brenda, Annette, Sally, Olivia, and I . we meet up with Terry Harvey in Thermopolis, Wyoming.
660 Miles added to the FatBoy.

This is a large group of Montana Gals, some members and some, not. The only one not from Montana, is our step child, Terry Harvey, from Worland, Wyoming.  She is the only Women on Wheels® member in Wyoming at this time. There are three gals from Baker, Montana and Four ladies from Bozeman, Montana along with me many from Billings.
July 5, 6, 7,
Women on Wheels®
Ride In Event

Boise, Idaho
Vern, Shelly, Brenda, Connie, Cindy and Annette left July 2, 
On our way to Boise , we traveled over  Lolo Pass, and down Hwy 12 alnog the Lochsa from Missoula to Kooski.  Annette had spent many years  in this area so she made a great travel guide.  It was the first time I had been on this wonderful road on a motorcycle.
We met Sally and Terry in Boise on the 5th. Lee Fallon of Washington found us on July 6.

I had 1,000 miles on my bike when I left Boise for other Idaho destinations. 1275 when I go home. (trailered the bike most of the way home)

July 15, 16
North Dakota Ladies Rally
Estevan, Sask, Canada
Cindy, Brenda, and Connie left Billings on July 14th. Met Annette in Saco, Montana.  Connie registered 610 miles when we arrived in Estevan.  495 more when we arrived back in Billings Sunday night.

This picture was taken at the Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs.  Annette caught up with us just as we were leaving and heading back to the motel room in Saco.

The North Dakota Ladies Run
is the
Longest Running,
Women Only,
Motorcycle Rally

in North America. 
2005 tallied the 18th year
with 110 registared
women riders.

July 29, 30
Ladies PAS Rally
Great Falls, Montana

Bob & Brenda Cox, Paula Rice, Connie, Cindy and Annette all meet up in Great Falls.  570 more miles on the Fat Boy.

We met a bunch of Great Falls Lady Riders that wil concider joining Women on Wheels®.

The Great Falls Planning Committee, Terry Donna, Laura, Linda, and Ardyth.

These are some of the other Great Falls Lady Riders.

Brenda Cox had crossstitched a beautiful picture of a motorcycle as a donation for a prize.  Annette Gleason won it in a special drawing.

Four gals out of Saskatoon, Sask were the hit of the Hawaian Themed dinner Sat night.
Two of them had been to Estevan, Patti and Jo.  The new ones are Lou La and Dannie. 

Sally and Jodee.
Jodee, the scooter riding minister that did the morning blessings.

The Alberta Rally
August 19, 20, 21
Drayton Valley, Alberta

  Brenda and I left on Thursday, August 18, Connie Y found out at the last minute she could not go, but decided to ride to Great Falls with us to have lunch with some of the lady riders in Great Falls.  It was cool and damp when we prepared to leave Billings.  We got rained on around Acton, MT.  We stopped in Lavina for a minute to rest and dry out.  The ride to Harlowtown was the coldest we had endured for sometime. The temps continued to drop.  Connie decided to turn back she figured, why endure miserable riding conditions just to ride 220 miles for lunch.  She would have to ride back to Billings and the weather was not going to get better for several days.  So Brenda and I fired up the Gerbings and away we went.  We got to Great Falls around noon.  We had lunch with Terry, Ardyth, and Tami, and Sally from Bozeman.  Linda came to join us about an hour after lunch.  I had forgot to call her.  She was waiting for me to call.  Her bus driving son was in the area and she asked him to see if we were there.  Sorry about that Linda.   Sally rode with us.  Me made it to Lethbridge, Alberta around 6:00 pm.  We got up early and pulled out in 40degree morning!  We had a great ride. 

The Alberta Rally was awesome.  That Karen Hamerton goes over board in her planning.  Next year it will be heald in Red Deer and the following year, Saskatoon, Sask.  I won a $50 gift certificate to the Honda Dealer in Red Deer. 
We met some really great ladies from Canada.  I am hoping more of them will attend the PAS Rally next year in Medicine Hat. 
1552 miles on the Fat Boy
The Private Black Hills Weekend
Sept 2, 3, 4, 5, 2005
Cindy and Jeff Eggert, Brenda and Bob Cox, Sally Stanke, Bill Wagner, Brentley and myself left on Friday morining.  We had a great weekend.  We stayed at the Quail's Crossing just south of Hill City, SD.  On Saturday we rode down the Spearfish Canyon to Sturgis.  We went to the  Museum in Stugis, which is run by Pepper.  I had not seen her since the Chick's Run, 2004.  We had tried to get to the museum the year before, but the rain kept us close to our quarters that year.  We rode back through the Vanover Canyon, a small unnotice stretch of roadway.  Sunday we rode again.  We managed to find our way to the Pig Tail Highway that we had missed the first year.  On Monday we headed home early and made it back to Billings just before dark. 
1047 miles on the Fat Boy.
The Big Sky Tourmaster's Rally
Lewistown, Montana
Sept 9, 10, 11, 2005
Chokecherry Festable
What the Hay Ride
Brenda and I rode up after work on Friday night.  Annette graciously invited us to stay with her and Jim in their home.  By the time we go there, it was dark.  The last 15 miles we traveled at 40-45 mph.  That area has a lot of deer and we were not seeing any of them.  Saturday morning we got up and headed down to the Chokecherry Festiable.  We had pancakes with Chokecherry Syrup.  Oh boy is it ever good.  We wandered around the flee market of crafts until the rain stopped.  We left on the poker run around 11:00 and did not get wet.  Brenda won the third best poker hand for $200 and later that night, Annette won the 50/50 drawing for $209.  On Sunday we went and rode the same route as the poker run the day before.  It was the What the Hay Ride.  I do not know how many years this has taken place, but people come from all over to drive this one stretch of road.  The farmers and ranchers make hay sculpters.  It is a contest for them so they do not disclose what they are doing until Sat night.  I had went last year for the first time.  Again, it was just amazing what they can do with hay!

On August 20, 2004, my bike rolled over 25,000.  Just out side of Billings on July17, 2005, it rolled over 32,000 miles.  Last year I rode the other bike often, also.

The 2004
Beartooth Bound Planning Committee
The Beartooth Bound Women's Rally
 18, 19, 20, 21, 2005
Billings, MT

Click on the logo below to go the
 Beartooth Bound Web Site

BBWR Planning Committee
Genna, Renate, Kendra, Sheila, and Cindy

In 2006 there will again be 2  Women Only Rallies

June -- Chicks Run, Wyoming

July -- North Dakota Ladies Rally
Enderlin, North Dakota

August -- The Alberta Rally, Red Deer, Alberta

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