The Pan Page
Brentley bought this bike as a basket case in 1999.  I knew it would be a nightmare when we got it.  It took four years and a lot of resources to complete.  The title and the frame is a 1976 Harley Davidson.  The motor is a Pan Head.  From talking to people we have narrowed it down, the motor was manufactured between 53 and 60.  The transmission is even older, but not quite as old as Brentley acts. 
The frame is a titled, 1976 Harley Davidson frame.
Brentley took it out to the shop where he works and it was painted Prince Inc - blue while the painter was painting trailers, heavy duty truck paint.


This picure was taken over the Christmas Break, 2002.  Ester was home from college and telling us that this could be her bike if we would hurry up and get it finished.  It is sitting on the floor jack and Ester was dreaming and wishing.

Pan16 Pan42
These photos were taken on May 31, 2003.  It was a nice day and we were cleaning the garage.  I suggested we push the bike out of the way.  It looked so nice outside, we decided we needed to take a couple of pictures.  As soon as we did, look who showed up.  Again, Ester is home on break for college and trying to convince us that this should be her bike.  In the photo below, there is one tank sitting on the bike for the photo.
Kevin Vanlaarhoovin did the paint on the fenders and tank.  It is white with a light blue Pearl .  It is gorgous.

Prince Inc is the company that Brentley drives truck for.  At the time, they are in the process of painting all their Pneumatics a blue and gray.


The final electrical assembly began in Febuary, 2005 at our dear friend Bill's house. Without Bill's unduplicatable assistance, this project would still be under construction. We are forever indebted to him. 

pan162 Pan186
Brentley rode it home late on a Saturday night, April 9, 2005. 
On April 16, the RoadDog, IRO, had their Annual Show and Shine at the Holiday Inn Convention Center.  Brentley was trucking, Bill helped me get the bike to the Show and Shine.  This bike is kick only.  On the morning of the show, Bill and I could not get it started.  By phone, Brentley informed me if it will not start, it was not done. Leave it at home!  It needed some fine tuning to get it so it would start easily. He did not want me to take it to the show.  It was not ready to show.  Because Bill was moving bikes that day with our trailer, he suggested it would be no problem to haul it up there.  Bill and I loaded it into the trailer and took it against Brentley's wishes.
The bike got a lot of attention at the show. Everybody wanted to talk about it.  I knew very little other than it is a Kick Only, Suicide Clutch, Hand Shifter and Brentley was trucking.  I sure wished he would have been there to talk about his bike. 
Bill did come by for a while and answered a bunch of questions about the electrics, electronic ingintion, led lighting effects. 
I talked with Brentley several times that day.  He was proud that his bike was getting all the attention, but he was still mad that I had brought it up before it was finished.

We were caught totally off grard when they announced the winner of the Best of Show catagory.  The Panhead had won!

Here, Olivia and I are laughing due to the comment made by Brentley's good friend,
"Well now maybe he won't be so mad at you for bringing his bike to the show."




Cindy, Bill, and Brentley
On June 10, we took the Pan Head and the VRod to Townsend for the Helena ABATE Spring Opener.  The Pan Head, again won  Best of Show. 
The following file is a movie clip.
It is a very large file. I do not suggest
that you click on it unless you have a high speed connection
The PanHead Movie One
PanHead Movie Two
Brentley continues to tweek this bike.  He now has a different carburator to put on it.  It seems that the Bendix is over fueling it most of the time and will not adjust.  He also has new pipes for it.  The first set have discolored from the over fueling problem.  When it is running better, it should start on the first kick.  When that time gets her, I am hoping to learn to start it.  If I can start it, I will learn to ride it.  And then, I will be riding this bike.  This is a bike from the memories of my past.
This bike continues to haunt Brentley.  As soon as he changes one thing that he thinks will make it BEST.  He then finds something else.  Here it is the winter of 07.  The bike sits in the garage waiting for more money to be pored into it.  Brentley rode it several times this last summer (no distance) and wondered why it was so hard to start.  He took it over to Cal, the Knuckle man.  Cal said, "Compression, you have very little compression." 
We will never sell this bike.  And someday, it will run well and I will be riding it.  I think it is the perfect color for a Motor Maids's Bike!