Road Trips

2015Four Corners (x 2) Moncton, NB CA
2014Kerreville, TX & York, PA
2013 The Bend Trip
2012 Magical, Mystycal, Historical 16,489
2011 Anamosa, Iowa
2010 no big trips, just planning convention
2009 Four Corners Tour
First Trip of the year

 I left Fort Worth, TX on my new Yellow Bike.  I made it home on March 11, 1647 miles and four days later.
I have written about my adventures.

The New Bike Story
The Big Trip

Brenda and I rode to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, down over the MacKanaw Bridge and into Boyne, Mtn, MI.  We left there and rode straight south to Columbus, Indiana before returning home.

3,657 miles
The Last Trip of the year

Our Annual Trek to the Black Hills of South Dakota  over Labor Day weekend.
This year we stayed 5 days.

Awesome vacation
14 of us.
We actually had two Big Trips in 2008. 
On the second trip, Sally Stanke and Terry Harvey rode with us to Grand Prairie, Alberta.  We attended the Ladies Alberta Rally.  It was a great trip.  We rode though Banf National Park.  The flowers in Alberta were amazing!

2,228 miles

First Trip of the year.
Girl Night Out
White Suplher Springs, MT
March 10, 11
310 miles total
March 10, 11. Brenda  and I rode to White Sulpher Springs, MT.  It was early in the year, but the rodes were dry and the sun was shinning.  As we got closer to WSS, being higher in the mountains, there was snow off in the meadows and fields.  And we did get cold before we arrived at 3:30pm.
Last trip of the year.
Medicine Hat, Alberta
October 11, 12, 13, 14, 2007

Oct 11, I rode to Great Falls, 220 miles. Janice Allstad joined me and we rode to Medicine Hat, Alberta on Oct 12. We then rode with the Desert Dolls on the 13th. A group photo was taken on Saturday(reason for the trip) We  rode home (home fore me was 378 miles) on the Sunday the 14th.

In 2005, I put together a travel page that generalize the years travels
2005 Travel Page

What I Ride
For the first 10 years, I rode a 1995 HD FatBoy.  I tweeked and adjusted and got it just about as comfortable as a Harley could possibly be for long travels, excluding saddlebags or a windshield. 
In 2006, I rode that bike over 15,000 miles and receive the highest mileage award from the Desert Dolls group in Medicine Hat. I had won it in 2005 also with over 10,000 miles.
In August 2007, I gave my FatBoy to my daughter Ester, with 57,000 miles on it, of that, 54,000, I had put on.  
After giving away my bike, I started riding the V Rod.  I did two road trips on it, the Black Hills - 1200 miles, and Medicine Hat - 900 miles.  I rode very little through the winter. 
In March, 2008, I bought the Gold Wing. It had 58,000 miles on it when I bought it.  At the end of the 2014 riding season, I now have 140,000 miles on it.

A Typical Day Trip 2007
This picture was taken in Bozeman, Montana, in front of Ester's House. My good friend and riding partner, Brenda and I rode to Bozeman (140 miles) for the day.  We stopped in Livingston and had lunch with Kate (another Lady Rider-friend) before riding over to Belgrade for a craft show in the park.  It was a cool day, but great riding! Ester is my third daughter, the college graduate and the receiver of my FatBoy.
Please note the matching Helmets.

This day gave us a bit over 300 miles. Brenda was pushing to get over 10,000 miles for the year.  Which she did, Brenda won the High Mileage Award from the Desert Dolls in Medicine Hat, Alberta for the year 2007.

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