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If you are looking for something new here, I just added some profile pages that I had written a few years back.  They are toward the bottom under Friends. 
Alcohol This is a short poem. 
During a writing class,  we were instructed to go home and write something about Alcohol.  Since I have a very extensive background with alcohol, this was simple. 
I am amazed though at how it turned out. The class was stunned.
This story of my husband's humor, or lack there of.  It is only one page long. 
You are Not That Funny
*   *   *
A Mother's Memories A Mother's Memories is a short story  I wrote about half way through the writing class.  It is about two of my four daughters. They were attending high school at the same time and often road their motorcycles to school.
*   *   *
This is about the humorous incident that happened to my husband while we were attending his family reunion. The Trick Rider
*   *   *
I am a Truck Driver
When I went from one job to another, thinking this is what I wanted to do, I got a real dose of reality dumped in my lap. 
*   *   *
When discussing what to write next for our last class, Lorie suggested, "Tell us how you got into riding motorcycles."  This story does not tell the whole story by any means, but it will shed some light on why I am riding what I am riding, right now, the Fat Boy. He Won It
*   *   *
The New Bike Story In the spring of 2008, I purchased a 2001 Honda Gold Wing.  The bike was in Louisanna and I live in Montana.  This tells of my ride home, over 1600 miles in the month of March.
Short stories that I have written about some of my friends, other lady riders that is.
Shelly Sally
The North Dakota Ladies Run I attended my first NDLR in 2004.  It was so much fun, I felt I needed to let other lady riders know about this event.  So I wrote this article and sent it in to different motorcycle magazines.  It was printed in Women On Wheels member magazine, and Montana Biker Magazine. It tells a neat story about it's beginnings.

The Chick's Run 2003 is  about my experiences while attending the 2nd Annual Chick's Run in Wyoming.  It is a fairly long detail of the events as I experienced them, pictures included. 

The Yellowstone Trip was taken in the fall of 2002.  As with the story above, this one is incomplete.   I took with my two youngest girls, on the motorcycles for 5 days of adventure through eastern Idaho and Yellowstone Park.  Ester had just finished highschool, and was  riding my Fat Boy, the experience of a life time for an 18 year old kid. 

Updated 5 Dec 2014