Family Pictures

My four girls
Cindy's Girls
Ester, Irenea, Olivia, and Amanda,
with Ester's 1100cc Honda Shadow.
Taken the fall of 2003 at the college in  Bozeman.  Amanda was on her way to Europe for 3 months and had come home to Montana first before flying out.  Irenea was recovering from a car accident and was in a wheel chair at the time.  The only way I could get all my girls together was to drive us to Bozeman where Ester was attending college and working.  

My husband, Brentley
Taken in front of the Jersey Lil,  Ingormar, MT on our annual ride in May, my girls think he looks like the Marlburo Man.
Although we only married in 2004, Brentley and I have spent many years together including team trucking in 1996 for Edwards Bros Trucking out of Idaho Falls, Id
Brentley maintained an Idaho residence until 2007 when he decided to become a Montana resident.  That is how I got to run Idaho plates for so many years.  The Fat Boy that I have put over 50,000 miles on is really his bike. 

Some of Amanda's first exposure to Motorcycles
Amanda's First Ride,
Spring 1978, Brighton Colorado
1st babys 1st ride
Cindy, 19 yrs old, Amanda 3 months,
Dirt & his 1950 Panhead
Forsyth, MT -- 1979
Amanda on the back seat
In the Spring of 2002, Brentley and I took the bikes out to the Oregon Coast for 10 days.  We picked up Amanda in Portland.  The three of spent our time along the Oregon Coast taking in everything that we could.  We went down the coast to San Fransisco Area before turning back up the coast.

Amanda on her mom's Bike

Mom on Brentley's Bike

I have attended the Chick's Run in Wyo since it's inception in 2002.
 I am still looking for the picture from the first year when I attended by myself.
 The second year, Ester went with me, the third time, both Ester and Olivia went, in 2005 just Olivia went along to celebrate her birthday with her birthday twin, Anne.

Chick's Run, June 2003
Cindy and 3rd
Ester and Cindy

Chick's Run, June 2004
Mom, Olivia, Ester

Chick's Run 2005

Chick's Run 2005

Chicks' Run 2006

Chicks' Run 2007

Fall 2003
Ester and Kate - the Hat Lady
Outside Buffalo, WY

Olivia and Mom
Mom and 2nd
just after Olivia returned home from Alabama

Hot Day to Ingomar MT
My youngest daughter - Irenea Molly

He wants something!
Brentley riding with Cindy

Spring 2000-Olivia and her new bike!
Olivia would always wear bright red lipstick when she road her motorcycle.  "That way they know I am a girl."
Ester Dreaming

Amanda and her mom and dad.

March 2007 - Amanda still does not have her own motorcycle, but she will ride any bike someone might lend her.  This day was mom's VRod.